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Youth Agripreneurship Project

We trained 48,400 Youth (18-35 year olds) Agripreneurs and 4,840 associated Community LIFE Agents (CLAs) 50% of which are women over 3 years.

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We have Nestlé onboard!

Independent of size, Nestlé wants farmers/suppliers to embrace transformational change and become fit for the future.

Graduated Agripreneurs continue to supply Nestlé (through CBiIL) with high quality raw materials while successfully leading their farm in a continuously changing business environment. They are seen as natural leaders inspiring fellow farmers to copy with pride and develop their own farms to become suppliers of Nestlé.

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  • Strengthen linkages to functional markets, finance, information and risk mitigation measures by farmers and other grains value chain actors.

  • Scale up production and traceability of quality grains by strengthening input supply systems and delivering extension advisory services.

  • Strengthen private sector linkages by mainstreaming smallholder farmers into the supply chain of large food processors.

  • Enhance digitization and use of ICT for Agriculture by youths for data aggregation and field risk management.

  • Promote community resilience to conflict  


The project targets youth and women smallholder farmers (aged 18 - 45 years old) from low-income backgrounds. Beneficiaries selected from conflict-affected communities, especially farmer-herder communities, where conflicts are borne out of clashes over land resources between farmers and pastoralists, often affect farm productivity for grain farmers. Target number of direct beneficiaries of 2,000 farmers on 5,000Ha of land over a 3-year period of project implementation: - 1,000 in Y1 (1 Ha each); 1,500
in Y2; and 2,000 in Y3.

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