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Nigeria Livestock Development Programme

The Nigeria Livestock Development Project (NLDP), conceived by Nestlé Nigeria, seeks to develop more than 1000 hectares of grazing area to demonstrate how the establishment of improved pasture can increase productivity of indigenous cattle and contribute to the professionalization of settled Fulanis as dairy farmers.


Key Project Objectives

  1. To promote the Fulani Dairy cooperative model

  2. To foster better quality milk production and supply

  3. To avail access to better fodder and feed

  4. To foster partnership progress and performance monitoring of project outcomes

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Projects Locations

The selected location for the implementation of the NLDP is the Paikon Kore Grazing Reserve in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), owned by the FGN. The partnership brings together a set of value chain stakeholders with the collective capacity to deepen and accelerate an inclusive business model in dairy, with the FGN allocating 1,000ha to Nestlé’s as its support to the programme.


Project Stakeholders and Partners


Nestlé Nigeria

Nestlé Nigeria is one of the largest food and beverage companies in Africa. Through the NLDP, the company plans to support the dairy policies set by the FGN by in investing in the development of dairy value chains that benefits smallholder farmers, pastoralists and local dairy businesses.


FCT Administration

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CBi Innovations Ltd (CBiIL)

CBi Innovations Limited (CBiIL) is an agritech company that aids smallholder farmers to boost productivity and traceability for processors, using technology to optimize production economics. CBiIL directly setup and manages Nestle's Demonstration Farm.


Kaduna State Government

Kaduna LPT Limited intends to develop a model farm on a 30-hectare land located in Kachia grazing reserve, Ladduga, Kaduna State. CBiIL implements an NLDP project to contribute to backward integration of the dairy value chain in Nigeria.

Key Project Achievements
(2021 - 2023)


Total Cows Vaccinated


Milk collection centre setup


Pastoralist Trained


Boreholes established

252 Ha

Pastures Planted


Milk collected in liters


Solar system installed for MCCC


Coperatives established

For more information, download the PDF document below

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milk cow.jpeg


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